Saturday, 25 March 2006

Distracting Coconuts

When filming this -- specifically the absolute difficulty of getting sprays to line up properly whilst seeing 3 CT's run and place them. Luckily I think editing saved us and the overall effect worked better than our original plan. In fact the editing in this piece really did stand out -- especially the "cool, coconuts" segment, with the T's running forward just as fOrGe declares "Coconuts? Oh no...".

The real comedy was that during filming mrdougan actually sang the song to us whilst we acted out the dance -- hence the absolute fantastic rhythm of the piece.

That said, this simple and witty WMG piece wouldn't have been complete without an homage to Monty Python -- the founding ideologists of WMG!

Music by
Monty Python - Opening Tune
Monty Python - Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
Monty Python - Camelot

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